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How Can I Succeed in Mrs. Skinner's science class?
1. Turn in your homework. Homework is not meant to be busy work or a means for teachers to torture their students.  It is to reinforce or introduce new concepts to students.  I want to see what you do and do not understand.  You will have ample time to complete homework assignments and if you have extenuating circumstances you should see me PRIOR to the due date.


2. Take notes in class and spend 10 minutes per night looking back over them. Studying the night before a quiz or a test is not a smart practice. If you determine that you do not understand something, it is hard to find the time to get help if you've discovered this last minute. In addition, all research shows that you remember the material better if you study as you go along.


3. Ask questions when you do not understand something. As a middle school student, I expect you to take initiative and come ask for help when you need it. I am available to help you both before and after school. I get here at ~6:30AM and leave at the earliest at 3:00PM. Plenty of time to answer questions...


4. Turn in your homework. Did I mention this already?


5. Use the website I've provided you & Skyward. You can find out homework assignments there, download copies of handouts and labs if you are absent or lost your copy, and find links to help you understand concepts. You should also keep track of your grades & missing assignments.  I am human, so if you see that I have made a mistake, please bring it to my attention in a patient way.  I would suggest checking on your grades once per week.  I update them a couple times per week.


6. Send me an e-mail. I'm a computer geek. If you're having trouble with homework or concepts, e-mail me. I'm very responsive to student e-mails.


7. Stay organized. This will help you in school and in life.  Use your agenda books to keep up with your assignments.  Try avoid the quick "throw it in your book bag" or "fold it up and stuff it in your back pocket."  It's an easy way to lose things, get stressed out, and lose points on missing work. 


8. Be proactive in keeping your grade high! High school can be overwhelming at times, but it is a time to start being more independent and responsible in your school work. 


9. Make up work in a timely manner.  If you miss a day in class, make sure you take responsibility to check the calendar in class & the website to see what you've missed.  You have the number of days you were out plus 1 to make it up.


10. Have fun! Whether you want to be a scientist or not, you will always do better in science if you have a good attitude and enjoy yourself.



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